Welcome to Fountain Healthcare

Fountain Healthcare (FHC) ltd is a Group Practice concept bringing together several doctors who have diverse skills and experience under one roof. The FHC started in January 2013 based on above belief. A group management team got together funded by Fortune Five Hundred Investment Group Ltd (F500) leased a property along Nandi road and registered Fountain Healthcare as a Business Name on 28/01/2013. At the end of renovations of the leased building, following a formal launch on Feb 16th, 2013 FHC clinic was opened to the public. The FHC tested the water and within 5 monthly was registered and accredited as a medical centre by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board with a mandate to run private healthcare business.

FHC progressively changed from being a mere trade name and now is currently fully incorporated as a private company with Registration No. CPR/ on 16/05/2014 a wholly owned subsidiary company of F500 ltd.

FHC is now an established comprehensive ambulatory services with outpatient consultations, examinations, daycare surgeries, laboratory investigations, physiotherapy, imaging and pharmacy along Nandi Road, on the Block B/100 property. Within the Nandi Road facility the centre offers dental services and advanced pathologic laboratory cervices
FHC has expanded and opened a 30-bed in patient facility in Eldoret, 500 Meters from where the current clinic is situated, making the FHC hospital the first true multi-disciplinary Group Practice hospital in Eldoret.



Shareholding is by private company Share limited to being wholly owned by F500 ltd. By the closure of 2014 FHC had invested about ksh 25 million as Capital investment and will double this figure by end 2015 in Eldoret alone and another ksh 30 Million for Nairobi clinics.


“Holistic Healing care”. Touching Your heart, Healing Your Body.”



Fountain Healthcare, a group of doctors with a mission to establish Multi-disciplinary group practice Nationwide network of centers with a one stop-shop effect integrating best high quality healthcare, Education and Research.


Group Practice Business Model which is comprehensive, Multi-specialty, High Value, Low cost, Patient Centered, Community Oriented Offering Customers a wide range of healthcare solution.


What drives and gives daily direction to all at FHC Clinics/Centres Collegiality, High Values, Low cost, Customer satisfaction, comprehensiveness, good outcomes.

The Group Practice Business Model.

Members of F500 who are Doctors, Pharmacists, Dentists strongly belief, the strategy that will fix Healthcare sector is innovative business models both in public and private health care sector. F500 beliefs in Group practice Model. FHC is a group practice model that F500 will establish countrywide as an integrated provider units (IPUs) network. Group practice model gives doctors control and value restoring their leadership in medical care as well as giving them the leverage of wealth and balance lifestyles.


FHC Board constituted in June 2014 is mandated to establish cooperate governance structures, cooperate oversight to ensure share-holders investment yields a return on investment. FHC will be a 3-tier organization with executive and senior management and members of staff. Group council will supplement Board in governance issues. Currently the level -2 clinic In Eldoret is managed by Group CEO, Facility CMO, assisted by 3-directors and chiefs of clinical services. Supported by a strong finance and administration.


FHC Ltd Headquarters’ is situated along Nandi road Block 8/100 and PO Box 5819-30100; Eldoret, along Nandi Road, Block 8/100 Elgon view; next to Hindu Temple; a walk or drive of 1km from town Centre where the ambulatory Clinic is Located too. The 30-bed FHC ltd hospital is being set within the Lions School off Nandi Road. Multiple sites are planned for the future in different towns.

Why Choose Fountain Healthcare?

  • State of the art medical equipments
  • Affordable pricing
  • All services under the same roof
  • Qualified medical staff
  • Always open
  • Dedicated to service
  • Ambulance services available
  • Multiple medical insurance accepted
  • Ample parking space
  • Easily accessible
  • Good customer relationship