FOST© is a Fountain Healthcare Brand; @FOST© we provide Holistic Healing Care to persons with Spine (Back), Bone and joint, Injuries  deformities, chronic disorders and chronic pain. We belief “life is movement” and movement is life.    

FOST© Doctors:-

  • Dr Neford Ongaro – Hip and Knee Joint Replacement
  • Dr Elijah Muteti –Spine/Back Pain Management
  • Dr Paul Makokha, Harsh Vadgama – Sports Medicine
  • Dr Calvin Nyakure, Mwanahidi Ayumba – Trauma/Injury services

FOST© Specialty services include:-

  • Hip and Knee Replacement Arthroplasty: 100% paid by NHIF and  For cash payers; we charge < ksh 400,000
  • Fracture Management: 100% NHIF cover  or < ksh 150,000
  • Spine surgery: 50% NHIF cover or < ksh 300,000
  • Sports medicine; shoulder, Knee, Ankle Arthroscopy surgeries: 100% NHIF cover; or < ksh 250,000  
  • Children with Joint deformity: 100% NHIF cover or < ksh 150,000

FOST©  Value/benefits

  • Convenience, loving caring staff
  • For those who have NHIF cover and require surgery, easy and convenient: you provide your NHIF details,  FOST© will handle the rest and get a confirmatory SMS and call you to confirm your admission day and surgery. No additional charges.
  • At  FOST©/FHC we are driven by these values: Low Cost,  High Quality And high value-good-outcome services